Alan Gilpatric, the graphic designer and web designer/developer. He graduated from Gallaudet University in December 2014. He grew up on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Not only is he a graphic designer, but he also studied traditional fine art, performance art, and code writing languages. He had been involved in volunteer services such as the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life, and Commencement Usher for a graduation ceremony at Gallaudet in 2014.

He built this website, by himself. He is proficient in PC/Mac platforms; applications such as Autodesk Maya (animation), SketchUp, and Adobe Creative Cloud Applications. He is familiar with written codes: HTML/CSS, Arduino Code Language, and Javascript. He also has talents in traditional figurative drawing and painting which benefits his skills in general visual arts. He is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and written English. Alan enjoys having strong interpersonal and organizational skills.


Gallaudet University

  • De’VIA Art Movement TimeLine Poster Chair Person for Gallaudet’s Washburn Art Center Linda K. Jordan Gallery
  • Won 2013 Best United States Botanic Garden's World Fair Poster Contests
  • Spring 2013, 2014 Dean’s List
  • Joseph L. Mattivi 2014 Award for Excellence Certification for best GPA score, leadership, and service project in the Art and Media Design at Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C.
  • On the 2013 Fall Gallaudet Bison Football Team
  • Played BisonTV's Buzz's character, Caleb


RIT/NTID (Past school)

  • Chosen poster design out of 20 contestants for NTID Student Honors Exhibition
  • NTID/RIT Dean List: 2000: Fall, Spring 2003: Fall
  • High School- six Honors, Four High-Honors Certificates
Last Updated: 08/27/2020


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